Job Openings at BCMS

Job Openings at BCMS
Posted on 06/04/2020
Best of the Best

At Battle Creek Middle School, we are looking for the cream of the crop to come be a part of the most positive, hard-working, fun-loving, student-centric environments ever created. Specifically, we are looking for adults who:

  • care first and foremost about kids’ growth in social, emotional, and character development;
  • have a super strong work ethic, consistently performing above expectations;
  • have a “my pleasure” approach to customer service with kids, parents, and colleagues;
  • are willing to collaborate with colleagues for the sake of bettering one another and helping all students, even when it’s messy, and even when they might be able to do it more efficiently on their own;
  • never say, “that’s not my job” or relegate tasks to the ubiquitous notion that “someone else will take care of it; and
  • (perhaps second most importantly behind caring deeply about kids) are fun to work with and who won’t mire their colleagues in negativity but rather constantly add positivity to the culture and climate.
If that describes you, please apply online at

We have both licensed (certified) and classified (clerical and assistant) job openings, and we'll be conducting interviews over the next couple of weeks.